One estate, one story

It all starts with Mas del Sartre

Today, Domaine del Sartre comprises two houses, Le Mas d’Auguste and La Guillaumière, both located in the village of Mas del Sartre, 2 km from Nadaillac.

The first house in Mas del Sartre was built in 1851 by the cloth tailor Baptiste Faucher. She gave her name to the village, “Mas del Sartre” in Occitan, meaning “the tailor’s house”. The first property to be acquired by the family of current owner Martine Gendre, other buildings were added over the generations before it became Mas d’Auguste. The tailor’s house is now the sports hall at Mas d’Auguste.

La Guillaumière, more recently acquired by Martine’s partner Pierre-Yves, is the last house in what we call the Domaine del Sartre, an authentic place set in a hamlet of 6 houses in the heart of nature.

We’re happy to welcome holidaymakers in search of authenticity, sharing with them the history and soul of these places while continuing to bring them to life.


Le Mas d’Auguste

The tailor’s house, located in the courtyard of Mas d’Auguste, was purchased by Martine’s great-grandfather Louis Gendre on January 12, 1910 from the heirs of Baptiste Faucher, who died at the turn of the century.

Baptiste Faucher set up as a cloth tailor in this house in 1851, before moving to Paris in 1910 as a tailor at La Belle Jardinière (forerunner of La Samaritaine).

At Mas del Sartre, Louis Gendre inherited the family home backing onto the old bakery, as well as the surrounding land, livestock… and a clock that can still be seen in the living room at Mas del Sartre.

He was succeeded by his son Auguste, Martine’s grandfather. began to shape the Mas and the family farm, which was taken over, developed and modernized by his son Michel, Martine’s father.

In gratitude… the first name Auguste was chosen to give a name to the Mas, and more recently, to the street that serves it.

La Guillaumière

The house next door to Le Mas was a hide-and-seek playground for children (Martine, her brother and sister, her cousins, the neighbors…). It was also used by grandfather Auguste to bake bread, as he considered this old bakery (built in 1844) to be better than his own…

The residential building was built in 1885 and enlarged in 1912, as indicated by the inscriptions on the door lintels.

It was acquired by the Gendre family in 1980, then by Martine’s partner Pierre-Yves Guillaumie. La Guillaumière” was named in 2017.