A place committed to the planet

Our commitment

We are committed on a daily basis to respecting our environment and the nature that surrounds us, to saving energy and to educating our visitors about eco-actions.


Protecting the flora and fauna that surround us is one of our main concerns and a strong commitment.

  • Bird protection.
  • Organic vegetable garden.
  • Differentiated mowing.
  • Bat nest.

Short-distance circuits

We give priority to working with producers located in our rich terroir and favour local cuisine.

  • Local products and producers.
  • Promoting local gastronomy.


We pay particular attention to sorting and encourage the re-use of materials and the circular economy.

  • Selective sorting.
  • Compost.
  • Family furniture and beautiful antiques and antique objects.


To reduce water and electricity consumption, we have introduced simple regulation solutions.

  • Timers in the corridors.
  • Multi-sockets with switch.
  • Wood-burning stove.
  • Green energy supplier.


We favour eco-labelled or natural products, as well as low-impact cleaning solutions.

  • Cleaning products.
  • ISO 14001 laundry.
  • Painting of bedrooms.
  • High-pressure steam cleaning.